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Our Approach

Person Centered

Dynamic Ability recognises that your experience is a unique and personal journey with multiple pathways to success. We understand that individuals are the experts in their own lives and strive to deliver person-centred services driven by your own views and choices.

Strengths Focused 

Dynamic Ability’s strengths focused approach acknowledges that all individuals possess strengths and capabilities.  Our staff support each individual to recognise, develop and use their knowledge, values, skills, resources and supports to overcome barriers and work towards optimal wellbeing.

Trauma Informed 

Past experiences of trauma are common for people living with mental health support needs. Trauma-informed relationships which foster safety, wellbeing and hope whilst minimising the risks of re-traumatisation are therefore integral to our services.

Evidence Based 

Evidence based recovery oriented practice is the cornerstone of our service.  This means, using a holistic person centred approach, promoting a culture of hope, use of recovery oriented language, allowing a degree of risk tolerance, promoting autonomy and self-determination, encouraging collaborative partnerships and meaningful community engagement.

Human Rights 

Our staff enact basic human rights values in which you are seen as a whole person, neither defined by nor diminished by your disability or mental health needs. This includes the right to dignity, privacy, freedom from discrimination, the equal enjoyment of citizenship, autonomy & self-determination. 

Choice & Control 

‘Choice and control’ is a term used to give you power over the pursuit of your personal goals, as well as control over the planning, engagement, and delivery of your supports. This means, you have choice and control over where, when and by whom your supports and services are provided.


Our staff work cohesively with you and your existing supports as well as developing collaborative relationships with relevant NDIS service providers, community organisations, health professionals and other resources. These collaborative partnerships improve recovery outcomes and increase our ability to ensure each client receives individually tailored support.


Dynamic Ability’s holistic approach means we provide services that looks at your support needs as a whole, not just your mental health needs. This includes your physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing. Our practices are consistent with a social model of health, which recognises that broader social, economic, cultural and political factors affect health and wellbeing.

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